Blair Browning

Denver, Colorado, US

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Business Development

About Blair

Hi, my name is Blair and I'm looking for a business partner and perhaps several core team members to be the founding members of this project. My background is in art & executing charity events so I'm delving into something new. Last year I came up with a business idea dealing with environmental & social causes using e-commerce and it's been quite a learning curve being out of my specialty. I've been working with a business coach, attending 1 Million Cups events, taking classes about this industry & educating myself as much as possible. I have a fantastic idea and have had 3 individuals plus a lending company that wanted to invest for equity but I was advised by a top resource in this arena & legal counsel to not take these offers. I'm still educating myself in basic business, e-commerce & investor-related info and am looking for someone to take on this project with me. Or I'd at least like to get a conversation going and see if our intentions/visions/passions align.
I'm very passionate about being of service to people and the planet, it makes for a fulfilling life. After this past year of talking with professionals in every aspect dealing with this industry and professional forecast reports I looked at, this has the potential to be a very successful project and I'm so ready to get started. I have the idea, drive and leadership skills to make this a strong company. I'd love to be part of team for this business: a web developer who can customize our living/breathing site to smithereens is #1, someone with a background in business, marketing & social media & environmental/social issues. I enjoy group efforts, it keeps us flexible and having a few people represents the masses and dealing with a variety of backgrounds, approaches, visions, etc.
I'm am idealist as well as a realist with an awesome idea and I believe I'll attract the right team for this project. On a personal note, I'm a very positive person who is interested in expanding consciousness to empower people, quantum physics, energy sources and basically educating myself in history & how the planet works. Meditation, exercise and mindful living are key for me. Also, humor is a huge part of my personality and although I'm serious about my passions I'm always laughing. I'm a very motivated individual and operate from a place of compassion, respect, integrity & transparency. Looking for the same!
Thanks for reading, please feel free to message me if you feel like we have similar mindsets.