Blake Ledden

Denver, Colorado, US

Blake's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Blake

I recently left a Techstars startup (due to the environment) and am looking to start one of my own! I am young, entrepreneurial, driven, and at a point in my life where I could not be more motivated. I was president of both DECA and FBLA in high school for 3 years winning the regional entrepreuer award in FBLA 2 years and the regional DECA stock market competition my final year of high school, as well as a member of Model UN, I lobbied to congressmen on behalf of the RAC (though I am a conservative Jew), president of both NFTY and BBYO in my hometown of Augusta, Georgia, and was the top in my class for entertainment marketing 3 years in a row.

Now, I have everything for the company I want to start's first product. I don't want to share the whole idea, but it is an app that would fill a huge hole in the music industry both locally and nationwide. It has multiple ways of producing revenue with no cost to the users to join the app/website, while also allowing the option for no intrusive in-app advertising. It will be the perfect storm of e-commerce, social networking, all while keeping multiple users active for long periods of time, all while allowing the possibility of teaming up with other very popular apps.

I realize I am very vague on the product, but that is for the protection of said product. As for the company itself, I see it being in a position in which companies will be wanting to purchase for 9 figures in under 10 years, but not needing to unless that is the interest at the time.

What I need is somebody who has strong startup background, with extensive programming knowledge that will know what to look for in a team to put together the first product and products to follow. I have extremely basic programming knowledge and with what I want this product to do, I will need at least 3-4 people who would be considered experts in multiple languages. It would not hurt to have knowledge in other fields, but that is without a doubt what I need to get this ball rolling!