Blessing Akiri

Business Development, Product Management

Atlanta, Georgia, US


About Blessing

I am an entrepreneur seeking a technical partner for a new startup. I graduated from the college of Saint Rose, New York with an MBA in finance. I have multi-years finance experience and about eight years of technical experience specifically with Oracle and SQL Sever databases. I am not looking to be the technical part. I have come to realize that being a business developer and a financier is a better role for me.

I have an idea that requires me to team up with a technical person to develop a web platform. I am also open to ideas from a technical person. One of my ideas is to develop a web platform that focuses on doctors’ offices. Basically, the platform will achieve the following at minimum:

1. Allow individuals to schedule doctor appointments online. While scheduling they're able to see in real time the next available appointment slot.
2. Individuals will be able to compare doctors before scheduling their appointment – in ways ranging from patients review to cost/co-pay etc.
3. Ability to integrate the platform with the doctors other system such as billing when needed.

Again, if you have a good idea and need an active partner who is also a financier don’t hesitate to contact me.