Bo Han

San Francisco, California, US

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Product Management

About Bo

Big Data@Inflection: linking various public records (ie census, criminal records, credit and etc) into a holistic person profile; scaling to billions of records
-Skills: , NoSQL (Hbase), Hadoop, Map Reduce, Machine Learning, Elastic MapReduce at AWS

Analytics@Inflection: spearheaded initiatives to collect / build data warehouses for both internal business intelligence / financial data and website usage data (think Google Analytics)
-Skills: SQL (SQL Sever 2008), Data-mining, Mixpanel deployment, Javascript, NoSQL

Full-Stack Development@Tinkermob: personal project to make tinkering more social. Currently focused on building a MVP for users to take snapshots of "what" they built. Starting on user testing / product validation and android app via PhoneGap
-Skills: MVC Frameworks(Django, Nodejs), single-page javascript app(Backbone.js), Databases(MySQL, Redis), AWS hosted( EC2, S3 for image uploads), Android 48-hour hackathon, lead effort to build a better exploratory search interface for; technically responsible for backend in Python and MongoDB
-Skills: Product Development, MongoDB, Python, Data-mining

Work Experience

Datamining and Analytics


August 2011 - May 2013