Bob Bapna

Falls Church, Virginia, US

Bob's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Bob

I have been in business as a solo entrepreneur for the past several years. Recently we have developed a unique business model for software development and delivery which cuts down the cost of development by half, while still imparting the same quality and service. This model has been tested successfully over the last two years by applying it for two paying customers. The customers have been very impressed by the results.

We are seeking a crack business developer/marketer/sales person with the right attitude and hunger for success to join us on an equity participation basis. There is no money investment required, only sweat equity, but since this is a serious opportunity, we are seeking dedicated individuals who are prepared to persist through the ups and downs of any start up or early stage business. Experience is important, but the right attitude, right skills, right personality, compatibility and willingness to work hard is far more so, although experience is always welcome.

This is a high potential business with relatively low risks and can be very lucrative for the right individual.

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Illinois State University

BS Computer Science

1982 - 1982