Bobby Martinez Jr

New York, New York, US

Bobby's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Bobby

I'm looking to move my idea from concept to product. I've been lucky enough to have been employed and learned my skills from some major startup's in the emerging tech scene. I've decided to be the hybrid and bring what I've learned to use. I've identified the problem, my company is the solution and I'm able to use what I learned along the way to overcome any pain points my competitors have faced. Think about online ordering. Except we will move beyond food and deliver alcohol and more.

My business plan is complete. This concept has been accepted and I've participated in 3 Day Start up by Venture Labs.
I'm looking to get my idea off the ground, ideally I need to find a team that shares the same passion as I about this concept and is equally working towards the same common goal: making people's lives easier. I'm pretty solid on Business Development and Sales, some Marketing under my belt (enough to get us going and shortly there after), the only thing missing is you (preferable a coder, programmer and have website design and app development skills). I have no coding skills, already own the domain and I need your help to take it from drag to fab! Ideally I'm looking for someone to join me in this venture and spearhead the Technology aspect of my concept. Three most important things are: Passion/ Collaboration/ Extremely Tech Savvy! I'm looking to move forward ASAP as if we don't someone else will. If this speaks to you and you fit the above criteria, let's chat more and get this going!