Bobby Shuey

Dallas, Texas, US

Bobby's Skills
Business Development

About Bobby

I created a company based off of a need I found with my current and past clients. There is currently no solution like it. We were going to hire a development firm since neither my partner or I have tech experience but our investors have advised us to bring part of the development in-house.

We are trying to find someone that would be a founding member of our team and in return you would receive significant equity in our company which has already done a lot of the ground work with finding investors and have already presold the software. You would be responsible for project management of the India team that will develop the API and you will also be the one who creates and tests the Android app.

The ideal candidate would be someone who is excited to figure out new ways to use the internal functions of the phone. This includes the gyroscope, GPS, and more. If you like to create and test new cutting edge technology then we would enjoy meeting you and showing you more about our company