Bobby Silva

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US

Bobby's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Bobby

Hello, I am a twenty-one year old Systems Administrator from Oklahoma City. I have an idea that I think could have a lasting impact in the world and make a change in the energy sector for good. I have always felt that an alternative to fossil fuels was not only good for the environment and to us as humans, but necessary. I am not trying to reinvent the wheel here, but more so, get the wheel turning in a direction that it can make a change, for the better. I will create a company that will decrease the carbon emissions that fossil fuels create by having an alternative to these harmful and limited resources. I am willing to devote all of my time, and even my entire life to see these changes implemented on a broad scale. This is necessary for humanity. I am looking for a co-founder or co-founder's with the same goals, passion, and desire to see an alternative energy company that is willing to go the extra mile that other biofuel, solar, and wind powered companies will not. I am experienced in the technical background. I need someone who can help me get the ball rolling, so maybe someone experienced with startups or a business developer ( Not sales). I feel the biofuel industry is the next big thing, waiting to happen.