Bobby Steinbach

Boston, Massachusetts, US

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Product Management

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First time founder

About Bobby

I'm a recent grad of Northeastern University with a B.S in Computer Science. While I don't think I'm the smartest or most technically gifted programmer, I have a get shit done attitude. I appreciate clean code and strive to write my code as such, but I also try to work quickly. I'm of the belief that brains alone don't get you very far, it takes dedication to succeed.

It's hard for me to put into words exactly what I'm looking for in a co-founder. I suppose a good starting point would be to describe what I want strictly from a business standpoint. My ideal co-founder fits into one of two buckets:

1. Strong business background, super personable, and willing to work as hard as I’ve been (70+ hours / week).
2. Programmer who doesn’t mind helping out with business tasks and has a good eye for design. Also, would have to be experienced in one of: Python/Django, Android, iOS, or Node.js development. Same time requirement as above.

As you can see, I'm pretty aggressive with my time requirement, but I truly don't think anything worthwhile can be built without a significant time investment. Now, what I want from a co-founder in a non-business sense is much harder for me to articulate. I want someone that pushes me and is willing to be pushed by me. I want someone who I can talk to and share a beer with at the end of the week. I suppose, in a nutshell, I want a co-founder that I can be friends with.

Oh, and my final requirement in a co-founder is that they be willing to re-locate. I'm trying to get accepted into an incubator for this Summer and most that I'm applying to are on the East Coast. Starting May 1st and lasting until I know which - if any - incubator accepts me, I'll be living in Boston. So the ideal co-founder will be willing to work from Boston as well.


Northeastern University

BS Computer Science

2013 - 2013