Bodi Picras

Antwerp, Belgium

ex. property entrepreneur. Avid cyclist.
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About Bodi

I cut my teeth, in the entrepreneur world doing property sourcing(UK). I spotted a gap in the market for an online portal for our particular needs., After skimping and saving, and costant searching, I was able to hire someone to build my vision.

Had successful exit to a large 'property portal', moved to Antwerp. (met my husband at maastricht) Spend a lot of time cycling round Antwerp(one of these days I''m going to get fit enough for the tour' de france), improving my dutch, going to the theater/cinema in London(I'm a big fan of opera,esp gilbert and sullivan)

We also visit a few interesting places in europe as a couple, and I bounce around brussels/london/amsterdam/rotterdam a bit looking for interesting things, while he is busy at Universiteit Antwerpen