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Former founder/owner of small software outsourcing company, and ex-startup-founder of a Saas-based content aggregation CMS platform providing solutions to enterprise-level companies. Spent the last 5 years in and out of various software startups, small businesses, consulting gigs, side projects, and now seeking the right kind of formal opportunity to get excited about again. I've consulted with C-level execs and worked with first-time founders on business growth strategy, product development, go-to-market launches, and partner integration. I focus on building product, marketing, business development, and finance.

I'm interested in connecting with founders on building a technology-driven, scalable, niche, self-sustaining, capital efficient business in a well-defined market rather than a nascent, untested, VC-required startup. I have a bias towards B2B but occasionally find B2C interesting, depending on whether the business/market meets certain criteria.

Example businesses/industries that would interest me:
- SaaS-based platforms - content aggregation/management, metrics and analytics tools, process reporting tools, etc
- Niche Online Marketplaces/Exchanges
- Finance (Investing, Funding, Mergers & Acquisitions)
- Media Publishing, eCommerce, eLearning

Open to meeting for coffee, Skype, or at a local event.


A Midwestern State University

B.S. Operations

2003 - 2003

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