Borja Goyarrola

London, United Kingdom

Borja's Skills
Product Management

About Borja

I have developed a location-aware rich-media social tool with the potential to make a real difference in the market. The app has been launched in close Beta to a substantial captive audience, with whom we are able to learn and refine, and in turn demonstrate the value proposition to investors.

It is a clearly differentiated product, with the potential to disrupt the market. In the next four months we need to refine, expand functionalities and launch.

I am looking for a CTO with the ability to fully develop the vision for the tool on the technology front, and the passion and determination to turn it into a success.

The role offers substantial equity in the business.

The right person will be:
– business aware and able to cope with setbacks
- able to present to investors the technical vision, and to attract the right talent and inspire the development team
- capable of steering the technical path, big picture person, perhaps full stack or back end (the app has been built in Cordova); with development skills or the ability to source streamlined talent
- London based
– in for the long run