Borja Macías Zaldívar

São Paulo, Brazil

Borja's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Borja It is a project that is currently in development and looking for global investors. To create a social network based on crowdfunding and bring opportunities to developing countries through SaaS called SOS ( Social Operating System )

It is a social network based on high performance with Apis connection with leading social networks and on the same proprietary technology. the fundamentals are:

- Crowdfunding and co-working
- New business model that pays good performance profiles
- Last generation technology
- Global
- SOS bring opportunities to developing countries

Based in Sao Paulo, open to everyone fight for a high percentage of the market for social networking applications and applied to different platforms such as:

- Web
- TV
- Phones, Tablets
- Google glass

I looking for someone like me! I need a cofounder to launch this amazing project!