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About Sally

I am a special events administrator with 9 years of experience in ticketing & registration, operations, cash management and logistics. I have an ungrad degree in math and a masters in tech entrepreneurship. My strengths are in long term planning and vision, team management and product development. I have a technical co-founder who is the architect of our event management software. Neither of us are sales or marketing people, and I know that we could be doing more to leverage my industry network and domain knowledge.

We are looking for someone with marketing or sales experience who is willing to dive into our clients' industry and truly understand their values. The ideal person would be close enough to Boston to meet in person regularly, and able to travel to meet with potential clients. Must be able to integrate into a team that has known each other for a long time. We can offer a fully functional product, existing network connections and the opportunity to work with a unique client base.

Managing People
Product Management

Brandeis University

BA Mathematics

2012 - 2012

Northeastern University

MS Tech Entrepreneurship

2013 - 2013


FEMA Incident Command