Botagoz Nessypbayeva

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Cofounder and CEO
Botagoz's Skills
Truckload Shipping
Rail Transport
Air Freight
Logistics Management
Logistical Planning
Logistical Coordination
Logisitics Management
International Logistics
Global Logistics
Freight Forwarding
Business Development
Open to networking with people holding these skills
SAP Logistics
SAP Logistics Execution
Logistics Analysis
Contract Logistics
Logistics Systems
Logistics Management
Conference Logistics
Global Logistics
Import Logistics
International Logistics
Logisitics Management
Third-Party Logistics (3PL)
High Level Business Development
Execution of Business Plans
Building Strong Business Relationships
Sustainable Business Strategies
Sustainable Business
Successful Business Owner
Preparing Business Cases
New Business Procurement
New Business Opportunities
Japanese Business Culture
ISEB Business Analysis Essentials
Internet Business Strategy
Independent Business Reviews
Internet Business Consulting
International Business Transactions
International Business Strategy
International Business Management
International Business Leadership
International Business Law
International Business Exposure
International Business Experience
International Business Development
International Business Consulting
Institutional Business Development
International Business
Growing Businesses
Global Business Planning
Global Business Management
Global Business Development
Global Business
General Business Analysis
General Business Advice
General Business Administration
Experienced Business Analyst
E-Business Tax
E-business Consulting
Doing business in China
Commercial Business Development
China Business Development
Annual Business Planning
Business-to-Business Advertising
Business-to-Business (B2B)
Business Valuation
Business Understanding
Business to Business Relationship Building
Business Technology Optimization
Business Technology
Business Tax
Business Taxes
Business Tax Planning
Business Systems Implementation
Business Systems Consulting
Business Systems Analysis
Business Support System (BSS)
Business Studies
Business Structures
Business Strategy Formulation
Business Strategy Design
Business Strategy
Business Start-up's
Business Solutions Development
Business Solutions
Business Solution Delivery
Business Service
Business Services
Business Service Management
Business Sale
Business Rules
Business Rule Management System (BRMS)
Business Reviews
Business Resumption Planning
Business Restructures
Business Requirements
Business Representation
Business Report Writing
Business Relationship Management
Business Recovery Planning
Business People
Business Perspective
Business Plan Evaluation
Business Re-organisation
Business Purchases & Sales
Business Profitability
Business Process Testing
Business Process Re-engineering
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Business Process Mapping
Business Process Management
Business Process Integration
Business Process Improvement
Business Process Execution Language (BPEL)
Business Process Excellence
Business Process Efficiency
Business Process Development
Business Process Design
Business Process Automation
Business Process Analysis
Business Process
Business Portfolio Management
Business Planning and Control System (BPCS)
Business Planning
Business Plan Formulation
Business Philosophy
Business Performance Management
Business Performance Coaching
Business Organization
Business Organizing
Business Partner Relations
Business Papers
Business Owner Planning
Business Optimization
Business Opportunity Assessments
Business Opportunity Evaluation
Business Opportunities
Business Operations Management
Business Operations
Business Objects Data Integrator
Business Notes
Business News
Business Networking
Business Model Development
Business Management Training
Business Management Solutions
Business Management
Business Letters
Business Intelligence Tools
Business Intelligence Projects
Business Information Services Library (BiSL)
Business in China
Business Finance
Business Executives
Business Evaluations
Business Ethics
Business Education
Business Efficiency
Leading By Example
Leadership Training
Leadership Technique
Leadership Management
Leadership Experience
Leadership Development Coaching
Leadership + Management
Lead Management
Lead A Team
Leading Sales
Leading Projects
Consultative Sales Professional
Consultative Sales Management
Business Development