Melbourne, Australia

BowzC's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About BowzC

I have experience working at startups in Europe and Australia in a BDM capacity, have started one unsuccessful venture and launched an App that received widespread media.

I'm looking for a web developer to help build the platform for my newest concept. HTML5, PHP, JavaScript skills necessary. Ideally a critical thinker, process-oriented, and highly ambitious. Someone who wants to build something brand new and never been done before.

We'll be creating a two-part product; one part exists and the existing major players have millions of Users. They'll join us as we'll offer that service for free, plus added features, built on more responsive tech. The second part is an entirely new concept which will create a new market with enormous potential and will be monetized from launch.

My business plan is available with modelling for worst (you become a millionaire) and best case (you're the next big name in tech) scenarios. Growth will be rapid and cheap; margins here are very high. We'd be looking at expansion in Year 2 which could see this explode beyond even my own wildest dreams.

I need you because I'm new to Melbourne and have no network here. Also, I know from my failure that it was due to me trying to do everything myself, and my successes were due to working with others whose skills and expertise balanced well with mine.

You'll be working with someone ready to take the world by storm. I'm extremely passionate not just about my idea, but about what it could do for our Users, and want to work with someone who will be as dedicated as me.

I have pitched this idea already and investment will be forthcoming, but not at the level I am seeking without a working prototype. Once it's built I'll be selling, and we'll have our pick of investors at that stage.

If you're Melbourne-based, and excited by my little blurb; get in touch and let's meetup.