Bozkurt Palanduz

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bozkurt's Skills
Product Management

About Bozkurt

I am a filmmaker currently networking for my next feature film which will be shot here in South America. I am stationed in Buenos Aires and Montevideo for the time being. I want to start a crowd-funding campaign on the internet and need a project manager who has experience in crowd-funding. This person can also act as a producer. I am a seasoned filmmaker and just recently finished a film here in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. I have a screening of my previous film "The Grenadines Road" which will be screened at the 16th Winter Film Festival Cinemateca Uruguaya on August 4th and 5th, 2014. That film also won an award in Jakarta/Indonesia last year. I guess I am unique in the sense that I make my films: I write them in one part of the world and shoot them in some other part of the globe among people I meet on the road as I travel with my films. I think there is a great opportunity on the internet to fundraise for film projects nowadays. Funding your own project also gives a filmmaker the utmost liberty of speech and visionary input which I want to capitalize on too.