Brack Rayles

Greensburg, Indiana, US

Brack's Skills
Product Management

About Brack

For more than eight years I have worked full-time as a dad'preneur. Away from the normal office environment, I've worked in landscape design, real estate, engineering and the last 6 have been spent as a self-taught web developer. Driven by this combination of markets, I've developed a mind for problem identifying and solving. I am as comfortable with PHP and Photoshop as I am with a compound miter saw, a hammer and 10-penny nails.

My 3 favorite concepts I'm looking for help with are; an "Antique Dealers Network"(researched and prototype started), a uncharted concept for the college dorm furniture(researched) and a new way to install tile flooring(prototype made).

What I'm looking for is a small team( to join me or to join ) who are seasoned enough to help make these ideas profitable. I want to say I helped create 20 successful small businesses in the next 20 years.

My family and I live in Greensburg, Indiana.


Purdue University


2000 - 2000