Brad Jester

New York, New York, US

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About Brad

I became an entrepreneur out the enjoyment I get from creating and deploying new, useful stuff as well as building the companies themselves (assembling teams, raising funds, etc). My role on teams is both on the product development side and the business / growth side, shifting more toward management/fundraising/sales related functions as the product matures beyond early releases and the product/engineering team is built out.

Over the past 12 years, I've co-founded an open-source air filtration company in Shanghai; co-founded a solar energy power plant development company based in Hong Kong but operating in Myanmar and Malaysia; co-founded a real estate investment company in San Francisco; and had couple jobs with other renewable energy companies and startups.

Some other experiences that have shaped my thinking:
- Volunteered for 1.5 years Mozambique to provide health education and basic rural infrastructure development
- Volunteered for 6 months in India for an NGO training and employing rural women and youth to perform digital work
- Lived worked in Shanghai, China for 3 years

Currently developing software to empower job seekers in the job search & application process. I have a small team and seed funding, but am looking for a technical co-founder, advisors, and others who are equally excited to be involved in building a start-up in this space. We have gone through three months of customer discovery and testing different MVPs and are preparing to build the first actual web-based MVP shortly.

I will be focused on this product for the foreseeable future, but as building a great team is a top priority, am open to other ideas as well if changing directions means forming the best team.


Cornell University

B.S. Civil & Environmental Engineering

1997 - 2001

Co-working Space

XinCheJian (Shanghai)

2012 - 2014