bradley morley

London, United Kingdom

Co-Founder/Co-Host of Stage One Startup - a bi-weekly podcast for startup founders.
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About bradley

I don't really like to generalize myself with being an entrepreneur or startup - but more a creator. I enjoy creating things whether that be a specific task/design, or a business in itself.

I started a side-hustle a couple years ago selling quirky knitted ties which I bought for cheap and re-labelled as my own, then charged x4 the amount I purchased for. It did OK, especially for something I didn't class as a business back then - although technically it was, kinda.

I met up with an old school friend of mine, who was a techie. I wanted a website built. After a happy hour round of drinks, we got speaking and he ended up joining me as a co-founder. But I realized we didn't have any knowledge of business and especially growing the thing. Plus I was only 19 and had only been working in a job for 1-2 years so was very strapped for cash. Certainly not enough to cover inventory.

We decided to explore other options like affiliate marketing to earn enough to self-fund the business. After diving deeper into the realms of digital marketing, we learned a lot but still needed guidance from mentors & successful founders. That's when Stage One Startup was born.

We decided to start a podcast where we could chat with these inspiring entrepreneurs and find out how they did it, with getting their advice for fellow startup founders like us - on building and scaling a business.

Now over 1 year into the podcast, we've built up a lot of knowledge about business and so aside from building Stage One Startup into a multi-faceted digital media business, we are in the process of founding a creative digital agency focusing on branding, social and design for SME's, Startups and other businesses in need - as that is where our expertise lie.

I'm always looking to expand my network of like-minded creators, influencers & innovators as well as hopefully find some peeps that might be willing to collaborate with me in business for future projects.


I always see the brighter side to failure. Some use it as a reason to quit, I see it as a learning curve. I'm always gaining something whether it's a success or a failure. If it's a success, then great - I can work on amplifying that success. If it's a failure, great too - I've learned a lot from it and now know to avoid making the same mistake again. Either way - you're a winner. Also in some cases, failure shows that you're taking the extra step and trying new things, getting creative. If you're always succeeding, you're probably not doing enough. - Bradley Morley