Brandon Boulter

Washington, District of Columbia, US

Brandon's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Brandon

I've been a serial entrepreneur and inventor since before I can remember, but I found a passion in education and have stuck with it making amazing connections with universities, K-12 schools, and governments along the way. Due to the industry and its growth, there is a continual need for products that meet the specific needs of niche groups within these institutions. I have had the opportunity to develop and sell a number of these ideas directly to educational institutions and decided to try to develop a technology based product with the help of a partner. My newest design already has buy in from ivy league level institutions in the area and abroad and most have committed to buy once its ready. Alas, I am not a developer and wouldn't coin myself as such, but I do have the business, marketing, sales, and connections at my disposal to make this and other ideas a success. The stronger the team member (making suggestions for change and betterment) the better the product will become. I am flexible and only require someone that will be as dedicated as I am and who when all is said and done, just wants to have fun while helping others.