Brandon Chiat

Baltimore, Maryland, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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Founded 1 startup

About Brandon

I'm the founder of Marquee, a direct-to-fan service that allows independent musicians to engage their fans with unique rewards and experiences. The company mission is to empower any creative individual to develop a sustainable career in the music industry. My team is building Marquee for creative artists, so they can do what they love and be directly supported by those who love what they do.

I'm seeking a talented technical co-founder with relentless drive and innovative vision; passion for live music is a serious plus. From a technical standpoint you would be directly responsible for the design, implementation and future growth of our innovative platform. As a leader on this project, you would join our management team to establish the conscious culture of our growing company and inspire our dedicated staff with your vision and positivity.

Prior to starting Marquee I was the co-founder of Headstash, an online music magazine that connected the talented musicians and passionate fans of the jamband and electronica music scene. In addition to my background in music technology, I've developed marketing strategies for several nationally touring musicians. These experiences provide me with invaluable knowledge of the market and needs of the artists Marquee serves.


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