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Charlotte, North Carolina, US

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I have been working towards a successful skill in speculation for a few years now and I have found what I have been looking for since coming of age. My research has led me in a specific direction and it is now that I seek a partner to help leverage this knowledge and create a venture in proprietary trading. The work is not complete however there is much to be done.

I am of no specific skill set. I have job hopped for most of my life. Until I had finally found what I would accept myself doing for some years. I am practical and hard working. Dedicated and unaffected by what those will say about my work. I have seen the validity of it proven to me many times over.

Why you would want to work with me can only be gauged in person. This profile does nothing for 1 on 1 interviews where we can then know if a professional relationship can continue.

What we are doing is comparative research of market movements against the backdrop of astronomical data. The triggers are noted and their dates are figured into the future. This is when we speculate. After this is done. We will develop risk and profit strategies around certain markets.

You will need to be open to everything, with the ability to listen without thinking in your own mind so you can get the whole idea before you begin to break it down. The process will be laid out before you, and you will know in an instant if you want to pursue working together. This I can guarantee, so that we will not waste anyone's time.

The assets on my side are minimal. I have a laptop and a 23inch tv that I use as the monitor. I am confident that this business can be built on shoestring. Of course an investment of only 10k would be sufficient to get the ball rolling well. The profit ceiling is as big as our abilities to decode markets with these methods, and finding opportunities around the world.

I have a map to some treasure, but I need some fellow traveler's. Not many, at least 3 not more than 12. I know you are out there, and that you will find me.


Natural Law

Applied Astronomy and Statistics

2017 - 2017