Brandon Highland

Thousand Oaks, California, US

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[Seeking CEO/Cofounder]
I'm a skilled innovator and systemic thinker with 22+ years experience building new ventures. I'm seeking a CEO/Cofounder to join me in leading an innovation-lab/company dedicated to the circular economy [@circularCFC ;].
The aim of the company is to develop a wildly successful commercialization/business-model that positively impacts humanity. You'll play a critical and key role in the shaping of the company: everything from structure, to the focus, to the vision, to the compensation, etc.
Ideal candidate core attributes:
1. Confident decision maker.
2. Ability to recruit a team.
3. Strong sense/passion for how to structure a modern/unconventional organization...see. Holacracy as example.
4. Confidence in ability to drive successful outcome--"self aware" of strengths, and weaknesses.
5. Tenacity to drive through early development of venture (first 250days) through traction (2yrs).
*And works well--balances with--my creative, innovative, social impact-driven focus/attributes while driving profitable success together.
*No need to have any background/experience in circular-economy.


California Lutheran University


1999 - 1999


Circular Economy

New Venture Development