brandon inniss

Washington, District of Columbia, US

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I live in salesforce. I am not a developer.. I do know how to drive metrics. I've been working on U.S based construction clean system since September 2011. I worked as an employee in various analyst roles after undergrad. As an "S" (cf quadrant), I have earned revenue as a distributer for a mixed beverage company. I later entered into turnkey services for multi family communities in Atlanta (cleaning and painting units after a tenant moves out and the next moves in). A friend suggested I enter the Janitorial business, for 1 year I managed the bidding process for a janitorial company (I had a full time business analyst job at this time). A year later, I am introduced to post construction cleanup. I buy light equipment and earn $10,000 cleaning 5 projects with small crews within 4 months. System is now beginning to form and I earn $8,000 in commissions in 1 day for 6 projects hundreds of miles from my location. I run analysis and figure I can make as much or more money with less effort brokering the service. I want a system to work for me. not my own job.

I’m interested in system-operated business with low employee involvement. The system should manage many processes in the business. I am currently only working on construction clean partners, I currently input 70 hours/wk and $1,500/ month building system. My current system can be implemented in the UK and Canada.

Looking for sf user interested in construction who can increase system functionality, add dashboards, workflows, visual force pages, implement-packaged apps, and create simple applications. I need someone to help me launch the different products quickly.


Clark Atlanta University


2007 - 2007