Brandon Leggett

Akron, Ohio, US

Brandon's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Brandon

I am a business-oriented entrepreneur. I am looking for someone who is willing to step out of the shell of being a underappreciated engineer and willing to create a disruptive enterprise of software. Anyone they know and want to bring along who is qualified will be respectively accepted. This person must have the mindset to create something large-scale and step out of the small and medium enterprise business comfort zone.This person will have ideally spent time as an project lead for a reputable company and could as well gave served as a Senior Engineer. This opportunity will find the person willing to dump all skepticism of there being a high quality business concept provided. Either way, whether you've read this or not and have decided to pass up on the opportunity someone else will take your place. Responding inquiries will get opportunities at multiple large-scale concepts. This is a large opportunity I am looking to give to a potential co-founder. A current business concept that is different from the inquired businesses, is a company me and a current co-founder are working on. The company name is SNIPĀ®. SNIPĀ® the company gives music lovers, music listeners, entertainment lovers and socialers the ability to socialize through music, and become far greater entertained than they've been before through short (30 secs+) and long (60 secs+) music clips and Beats (SNIPS) and video clips to music (SNIPPETS). And entertains users through Cover Channels of their favorite musicians, Dance channels, Djing Channels, Producing channels. The product develops into 3 more major Sub-companies of SNIP. Those who desire to see a presentation, can make a request. SNIP will target women 18-34, who are documented to watch more videos on cover versions of songs (2nd and 3rd on the list) over doing hair and pop music at 13% and 20%, and are the core music listeners and drivers of the social media company Snapchat.