Washington, District of Columbia, US

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About Branzol

Hi Everyone, I'm currently looking for a few individuals to round out our team. Were a tech start-up with ties to the social networking industry, and hospitality industry. We have all the funding we need, 1M pledged. That's as far as I can go without a NDA being signed. Team members will be paid salaries when we go live for business, during the start-up period everyone is paid via stock in the company.

Were looking for the following team members, please contact me if you feel you fit any of these roles.

Database Administrator: Specially someone specializing in operating/designing/and optimizing extremely large databases.

Programmer: Specializing in Java/Objective C/Ruby/Python, with background in Mobile Applications for all platforms. Secondary Skills: HTML 5/Javascript/Rails.

Sales / Marketing: Specializing in creative branding, social media campaigns, explosive growth, and generally being a AWSOME person at getting the word out there.