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Braxton Herring

Business Developer

Phoenix, Arizona, US


About Braxton

I've been in tech for the majority of my working career and while I have expanded my skillset beyond just your average Systems Administrator, I lack the skills of a developer. Even though I have no programming abilities, I bring vision, business savvy, dedication, loyalty, and a whole lot of awesome. Whenever I decide on something, that's it. It is often confused with stubbornness, but I am driven self-starter. When I was younger, I started and ran a number of small ventures, ranging from a candy store to a business IT consultancy. I've designed and built a completely off-grid home and lived there completely off-grid for a number of years, learning much along the way. Challenge and failure are not things I shy away from nor afraid of.

Although I have an idea that will be going nationwide and building communities in the process with or without a group of founders, having a great team standing with me, building something extremely successful, would make this an incredible journey. I am looking for someone who has the same vision, desires to see this succeed, correct me when I'm wrong, tell me what they need, and with whom I can develop a working friendship, though I'm pretty easygoing.

This project needs a couple good mobile developers, people who want to build a game changer not only in communities, but how people enrich their lives.

Managing People
Product Management