Washington, District of Columbia, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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First time founder

About BRD

The commercial real estate industry is a "laggard" in technology adoption. I worked at one of the few technology companies that have scaled in this space (csgp). Smart people with good ideas have recognized this vacuum and in the last 24 months have rushed in with a slew of start ups: 42 floors, Compstak, Tenant Rex, iFunding, Honest Buildings, MYRETA, LiquidSpace, ROFO, Siterra are just a few.

Most of these are focused on the actual real estate, or the financial transaction that occurs with a lease or sale. I am fine tuning a concept and pro-forma that delivers a needed (and currently fragmented) service to the actual customers in a real estate deal: the tenants.

I am an experienced commercial real estate advisor and principal with experience in product market launches and typical eat-what-you-kill commission sales, and look forward to meeting other members of CofoundersLab.


University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill


2003 - 2003


Licensed Real Estate Salesperson