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About Brendan

Hi there,
I am interested in talking to IT developers (in particular anyone who would have experience of building web based and cloud computing (eg AWS) applications in particular) and salespeople who would be interested in forming a team.

What can I offer you?

I am a focused and and hardworking commercial accountant with secondary qualifications in law and data analytics. My experience is in managing teams, finance, accountancy, research, raising capital, financial modelling, the financial aspects of marketing, IT, and product development . I also have experience in helping companies grow and have raised finance previously for other peoples projects and have pulled together business plans and built debt and equity funding models and forecasts.
I am finishing a business plan for one idea in the financial services industry where I have vast experience. I also have a number of other ideas and would be interested in exploring these ideas or joining someone elses team if a partner's idea had more potential.

Please contact me if you are interested in meeting up for a chat. Thanks for reading