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Brendan Barbato

CEO @ Shelfie Challenge, MIT GEB 5 Winner, Writer @ the Mission, Forbes 30U30 Scholar, Kairos Fellow

San Francisco, United States
Startup stage
Operations, Sales, Strategy, Public Relations, Product Management, Growth, Marketing, Finance
Brendan is a recent graduate from Babson College and in June of 2017 he moved to San Francisco with his startup team. He has been a Type 1 Diabetic for 20 years, has lifelong experience in helping nonprofits, and lives his life focused on social impact. He recently founded Shelfie (Share yourself), which creates fundraising multimedia campaigns for nonprofits. He is a Forbes 30 Under 30 Scholar, a Kairos Fellow, winner of the 5th MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, and was named by Social Enablers as one of the top 100 Social Impact Enablers globally. Enough about me, let's dive into why I am here. Entrepreneurship is exciting to me because I get to tackle problems, get to build something from nothing, and every day is different. I love interacting with people and seeing what we can accomplish. My background is mostly in strategy and business development, but I am semi-technical. Currently looking for people interested in the following areas to join our startup: Media, Social Impact, Sports, and Technology. Happy to hop on a call and further discuss Shelfie Challenge!

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