Brendan MacIsaac

Calgary, Canada

Brendan's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Brendan

I'm a dedicated person with strong analytical and problem solving skills. I work not only to do the job, but do it well. I have a technical background in IT ranging from Network Administration to Data Integration. I have ideas frequently about potential startups but need a team to mold and form. Cliche but... 3 brains are better than 1

I currently have 2 apps that I've done the research, drew out the wire frames, created a business plan, and planned how the app will develop over the next few years from MVP to platform.

I understand development and have experience with JAVA, C++, Python, etc, but more on a hobby level than a true developer. I am more than happy to learn more but I do not want to spend a year developing something that a skilled developer could do in a weekend.