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Brendon Ross

Product Management, Technical, Operations

Perth, Australia


Age Group


About Brendon

I have experienced an awesome career in corporate IT full of challenging roles that I look back on with pride. I started 2015 by taking a new path using all my experience and passion to build and launch which is a Perth based startup built to help tradies and small businesses keep themselves mobile while improving their cashflow.


Ambition is the path to success, persistence is the vehicle you arrive in. - William Eardley IV

Headline - Founder | Full Stack Web Developer - SEO Consultant in Perth

Work Experience



September 2016 - January 0

I wanted to make it affordable and simple for any small business in Australia to get on top of their cash flow and receive payment on the spot using a mobile device they already own.



January 2015 - January 0

I believe in a dedicated, one-on-one service for every client. That’s why I’m a boutique digital agency. I take care of your entire strategy which makes it more efficient, tracking results are more accurate and it all runs smoothly. Not to mention there’s no chance of anything falling through the cracks due to poor communication because it’s just me, taking care of it all.


University of Cape Town

ND : Electrical Engineering

1997 - 2000