Brennan Feldman

Charlotte, North Carolina, US

Visionary, strategist, and team builder with passion for social enterprise.
Brennan's Skills
Product Management
User Experience

About Brennan

I am a visionary, strategist, and team builder with passion for all things social enterprise, continuous improvement, and full-spectrum growth. I am currently incubating two startups and seeking cofounders to help bring them to fruition. I need assistance with tech (non-complex), sales (almost solely online), representation (passionate screen-thriving ambassador), and a fundraiser/HR type (we need someone who gets us grants and donations, sets up important events, makes sure we are compliant/transparent/etc).

My professional experience is in business systems, training, branding and marketing.

While innovative thinking is my strongest skill, I assign great value to understanding self and others' emotions, personality types, learning styles, to best enable effective and efficient creative collaborative capability.

Yes I also am an alliteration addict.

I believe that people don't buy or value the product or the service as much as the emotions surrounding those things. I also believe we are moving too far in the direction of product envy and not giving enough attention to the service being done and what it is worth. I aim to help change this some day.

Skills/ Hobbies (no particular order to them):

Lean business systems / business strategy
Improvement event coordination
Team management
Material & information flow
Risk reduction
Safety & ergonomics
New product development
Content strategy
Training & development
Branding strategy
Environmental design
Demographic analyses
Game design / Gamification
Music production
Personality typing
Motivation interviewing / DBT
Quantum philosophy

Some say I am the jack of all and master of none. I guess one could also say the jack of all is the mastering of that which is continuous learning through topic synergy for innovative use. Let's say I am a master of synergy.


You can live as if nothing is a miracle or you can live as if everything is a miracle - Albert Einstein

Work Experience

Lean Leader

Terex Corporation

July 2012 - Today

Lean Business Systems, Waste elimination, Continuous improvement, Project management, Product development, Production preparation, Culture change, Training and development


University at Buffalo

BA Environmental Design, Minor in Architecture

2007 - 2011


Playbook to launch your startup

CoFounders Lab

Business Systems Leadership

Terex Corporation

Life Coaching

Kain Ramsey