Los Angeles, California, US

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Business Development

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I've had an events based website side-project going for quite a while and my progress stalled a couple of years ago - around the same time I took a new job and then had a kid. I'm looking for a developer to pick up where the previous team left off. Working with developers from abroad has been painful and the QC process was exhausting. The site is partially built, but the key component of syncing up the payment system still needs to be completed, and this requires some technical expertise I certainly lack. There are other sections of the website that also need to be filled in, but the payment processing aspect is the largest. Anyone want half this business? The goal would be to streamline the site as much as possible, only stepping in to address bugs or customer service issues. My dayjob is real estate finance and it will remain in place. Through some extensive networks I have created over the years I have the ability to feed the website with users once it is completed, but first it needs to work! Site is basically similar to an Eventbrite business.