Brent Messenger

San Francisco, California, US

Brent's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Brent

I have an idea for a product that would facilitate the sharing of a specific consumer good that millions of Americans already own and millions more rent. It's part of a $9 billion dollar/year industry that is ripe for disruption and I have firsthand knowledge of the niche.

This is a straightforward sharing economy play. We'd be leveraging under-used assets that are owned by people who often have a very strong incentive to make a few extra dollars off them and we'd be connecting them with people who, in many cases, have very limited choice when it comes to renting.

Barriers to entry are relatively low and there are already a few competitors (though they are poorly done and not catering exclusively to this niche), so it's critical that we do an exceptional job with user experience and marketing.

I'd be happy to explain it further on the phone or in person; I've never had a shorter, more concise elevator pitch for a product. And that's how I know it's worth pursuing.

I'm looking for somebody who can build a prototype of the app and eventually build out a team; a Co-founder and CTO. I have lots of experience with Product, a good feel for design and UX, and I'm currently the CMO of a profitable startup, but I can't build the app myself.

I'm thinking the app should be built in Ruby, but that's your call.