Brett Allcorn

New York, New York, US

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About Brett

Hey I'm Brett... I've spent most of my live in the internet marketing and wen design space (although I'd never call myself a "rockstar designer"). I've thrown around several ideas for websites and tech startups, but I don't want to get involved with anything unless it's both big (meaning largely impactful) and innovative (it's not just a copy of a competitor). This is "more important than the money" for me, but I have a hard time buying that money wouldn't come from something with a description like this.

Right now I've got no such thing on the table, so I'm open to brainstorming, shooting around ideas and basically "playing around in the sandbox" and seeing what happens.

My shortcoming is definitely technical stuff. Never could figure out Javascript or C++ and couldn't even pass my AP exams in highschool, but I'll pick up the rest of the slack. No man is meant to do everything... or at least not do it all well!