Brett CAIA

Washington, District of Columbia, US

Managing Director at Azimuth
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Business Development

About Brett

I've done well in a number of different domains, primarily as the result of a "never say die" attitude. Over the last decade I've been in leadership positions as CFO in several high growth companies in the $10M to ~$300M revenue range. For a finance/deal guy I've got reasonably solid engineering chops, with decent SQL skills, and some facility with Ruby on Rails, Git, R and Python. I'm currently enrolled in the Master of Information and Data Science program at UC Berkeley School of Information, and I get a little bit tingly at figuring out how to use data to transform a business. I earned an MBA at Harvard Business School after leaving the Navy, I can handle myself pretty well in tough negotiations, and I know enough about law and contracts to get most of the heavy lifting done before calling in the legal eagles. My first degree was in aeronautical engineering and I flew fighters off of ships during the first decade of my career. I learned leadership, the value of rolling up your sleeves to get things done, and how to have a lot of fun in really crappy conditions.

Work Experience

Managing Director


June 2014 - December 2016