Brett Tuley

Denver, Colorado, US

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Experience Language is working to make language training as fun as gaming, as social as time with friends, and as cultured as a foreign film. We'll do that first by connecting learners to native speaking host's near them offering authentic in-language experiences, like Chinese cooking classes in Chinese, much like the AirBnB or Uber on-demand business model. This business model breaks us free from the online lesson providing market which is saturated with free lessons of all kinds. People won't hardly pay for lessons anymore, but they will pay for experiences and social outings.

Second, we'll swap out boring textbook lessons with authentic media from day one to day fluent. With the right combination of technology and teaching approach learners can enjoy binge-watching of their new favorite foreign TV shows and movies with a spectrum of help from fully subtitled through to fully immersed. Learners will only need to spend a few minutes studying for every episode they watch making learning literally more entertaining. This shifts our business model and exit strategy from a lesson providing edtech company to that of a global media company for significantly higher value potential. No existing media company currently has a foothold in the international media used as a comprehensive learning platform so we could be valuable for a number of different media companies looking to expand horizontally. Also, again, people won't pay for lessons, but they will pay to stream the latest premium shows and movies and as no other language company is doing this it is a good niche market to dominate in the Peter Thiel sort of startup philosophy.

Our founding team has a background that is unmatched by the current field of language startups like DuoLingo, Busuu, Voxy, Babbel, LiveMocha, etc. Who are all lacking co-founders experienced in teaching and learning foreign languages (11 years total experience teaching and both of us have reached high fluency in Chinese as adult learners).

We are looking for additional team members in any of the following areas: technical, sales, marketing, international law, or IP law. If you feel you may be interested in joining with a startup that is doing something completely disruptive please connect or checkout more information about our plans and ideas at

Work Experience

Technology Research and Development - Principle Investigator

Defense Sector

July 2009 - Today

Led cross functional teams in nearly $2M in various research and development projects and related business development resulting in over $200M in contract wins.


Georgia Tech

MS Aerospace Engineering

2009 - 2009

Georgia Institute of Technology


2009 - 2009

Brigham Young University


2006 - 2006