Brett Walfish

Hauppauge, New York, US

Entrepreneurial Musician
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Business Development
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About Brett

I recently founded a company called MusicaMatch. It is a professional network for musicians that allows musicians to create a comprehensive profile that accurately describes their own unique backgrounds and histories in order to strengthen connections with their pre-existing colleagues while more importantly serving as a space for them to forge new artistic connections.

I created this because I am a professional musician, I have studied at some of the world's top music schools with world renowned instructors while also performing concerts on stages internationally. While being in music schools, meeting other musicians on concert tours and at summer festivals I began to notice that we all really needed a space to connect. It had to be run by musicians in order for the platform to understand the users.

Things that make me the perfect co-founder:
1. I am the market
2. I have personal connections to some of the world's top musicians and institutions.
3. I already have a commitment from a university to run a "pilot program" with their students - this traction is what we need to get into more existing markets
4. I have done extensive research getting to know the business model of THIS business.
5. A consulting team of MBA students at a university in Boston have run a case-study on the business model and helped write the pitch deck.

What already exists:
The main platform, from profile capability, to search by filter, and chat have already been created. I invested my personal savings with a development team in India to get this far. After the initial roll-out, I learned that a few more pieces were needed to bring this to market and make a big splash.

What I am looking for:
A co-founder that is a talented full-stack developer, with specialties in IOS and php who is passionate about creating the most essential part of this network. This can be discussed more in a private chat.


“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” - Henry Ford

Work Experience

Co-Founder, Executive Director, President of the Board

Rushmore Music Festival

November 2014 - Today

I co-founded this Music Festival because I have have been lucky to have received the highest caliber musical training. This festival, which is about to become a non-profit allows me to share music with a community that does not have many opportunities to engage with world class musicians, while also providing a platform for young dedicated students to focus on cultivating music ability. Since starting this festival, I have gained skills in marketing, PR, graphic design, fundraising, and managing people.


Indiana University, Jacobs School of Music, Bloomington

Bachelor of Music

2006 - 2010

New England Conservatory

Masters of Music and Graduate Diploma

2010 - 2013

Stony Brook University

Doctorate of Musical Arts in progress

2013 - 2017