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My product is an online teaching platform designed to help law firms gain greater exposure to prospective, high-value corporate clients. U.S. companies spend $100 Billion on outside legal services annually, and these expenditures are controlled or influenced by a relatively small population of in-house legal counsel. For this reason, law firms compete vigorously for the limited time and attention of in-house attorneys, but traditional marketing/advertising methods are largely ineffective at attracting corporate business. The platform enables subscribing law firms to gain sustained visibility among an exclusive, curated audience of in-house corporate counsel in an organic and mutually beneficial way.

I have validated the analogue version of this concept by forming, building and running the successful New York In-House Counsel Meetup, which works with top law firms to create outstanding continuing education programs for our curated in-house member-base on a monthly basis. I also have over 15 years experience practicing law both at outside firms and in-house at corporations, and I am currently senior in-house counsel to a major mass media company.

I've had a prototype built in PHP, but we need a talented technical lead to help us complete development and get the service off the ground.