Brian Bee

Melbourne, Australia

Brian's Skills
Product Management

About Brian

I am co-founder of an upcoming on demand service application being initially released on iOS with scope to further roll out on Android.

We are a team of 2 looking for a number 3. Our skills are limited when it comes to development and application design. To date, the product has been completed by an outsourced party and as we prepare for launch and activation, we would like to roll out internal management. For this reason we are looking to find a possible co-founder to join us on the journey!

We are open to considering monetary investment or sweat equity options. More than likely, sweat equity would be our chosen path at this stage.

Our service will go live with a ready to monetize platform and we have a strong and disruptive marketing plan in scope.

Pending launch, we have visions and targets to go out and grow the business as a team initially, alongside simultaneoussly planting seeds with potential investors to fast track our growth with the assistance of VC.

The current team is myself with a long history of self employment, marketing, advertising as well as having been COO of another startup a number of years back which successfully raised 2 rounds of VC funding in my time there.

Our other founder is a business broker with extensive knowledge of business planning, and successful history of acquiring, growing, scaling and exiting businesses in all different stages whether trading successfully or with potential to further continue to grow, never the less owners choosing to exit.

With business acumen covered, we need the right tech person on side to oversee further evolutions, updates and support of the application combined with the ability to take ownership of the iOS dev side of things to take us forward, be it design, glitches or improvements.