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Mountain View, California, US

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Product Management

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I have identified a product outline and business model that represents a large market opportunity in the web based home security and home automation space. The proposed product and marketing construct would give mainstream consumers something that they clearly want but do not currently have access to... Consumers want a home security/automation system that is modular in much the way that all of the other hardware in the house is modular (e.g. you would not want to rely on one company to build out an entire home automation system (the status quo) much in the same way as you would not want to rely on one company to supply all of the furniture and hardware in your home ... e.g. you want to be able to buy your couch from a different source than your oven!) There is a very special secret sauce to providing customers with the freedom to customize while also giving them confidence in the fact that a basic home security/automation system can be setup and managed with little to no effort and learning curve on their part. I believe I have a good idea of the needed product and marketing strategy and I am looking to add a few people with mobile and web development skills to the founders team to prepare for an initial round of fund raising. The time-frame to raising an initial round and paying salaries is pretty short (~6 months).


Georgia Institute of Technology

PhD, Electrical Engineering

2013 - 2013