Brian Decker

San Francisco, California, US

Brian's Skills
Product Management

About Brian

We are an early stage startup based in San Francisco, looking for a talented web designer with incredible artistic vision. You will be working with our CTO to design the visual experience of our initial product.

The initial project will be a short term gig. If we like your quality, there will likely be more work in the future.


* Hand-coding CSS. You make beautiful, pixel-perfect websites by hand. If you use Dreamweaver etc, we do not require your services.

* Artistic vision. You have strong opinions about what a gorgeous website looks like in 2012. If we are impressed with your vision (and skills to implement it), you will be given great creative freedom in the design of our site.

* Graphic design. You can create logos, backgrounds, etc from scratch.

* Javascript. You can use Javascript and its various libraries (jQuery, backbone.js, etc) to create rich interactive user experiences.


* Experience working with templating systems. We are currently using Django's template engine; but the general concepts of templating are more important than a specific implementation.

* Single Page App development. Do you have the cutting-edge Javascript skills necessary to build a single-page app that communicates with the back-end via API only? If so, we want to talk with you.

* Open Source experience. We love Free Software, and love working with Free Software people. If you have contributed (web design or otherwise) to a FOSS project, be sure to let us know.


We value talent & vision far more than degrees, fancy schools, or years of experience. Doesn't matter if you're a fresh grad, still a student, or a professional with extensive experience. When you reply, show us what you can do, and tell us what you want to do. In addition to including your portfolio, tell us three websites you think are especially beautiful, so we can get an idea of your artistic taste.