Brian Dominick

New York, New York, US

Brian's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Brian

We are four co-founders who have been working for about 5 months and are moving very quickly. Our product, Activore, is a venue-based social networking platform for fitness clubs. We have a very elaborate business model, highly capable sales and tech sides.

Right now we need a knockout marketer to round off the crew, especially someone with social media savvy and the ability to lead the crafting of a comprehensive strategies for 1) branding, 2) B2B marketing, 3) B2C marketing. This will be a very challenging role; we're looking for a serious innovator.

We are a team-oriented organization, and that will always be a priority. If you need a boss and a hierarchy, Activore is not your place. If you can drive ideas while remaining accountable to a team, let's talk.

In addition to our stated needs, the following skills would be very helpful:

* design
* user experience
* growth hacking
* website content management
* blogging