Brian Feeney

Toronto, Canada

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Business Development
Product Management

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Founded 2+ startups

About Brian Feeney

I'm a Designer specialized in Industrial / Aerospace Design Engineering. My focus is on product development that gains a market advantage through the application of advanced materials, lean design and a Formula 1 level of cutting edge technology. I have a strong background in consumer product design through to product development, tooling, manufacturing and product market introduction, accumulated through my design firm with years spent in Hong Kong, Germany and my Canadian base. My Aerospace passion led me to develop my first company, with additional time spent on and off in the Aerospace sector throughout the years.

I have a breakthrough product design for the electric micro mobility sector. It's compact (folds up) and ultra-lightweight for ease of use and handling. Nothing on this planet in the same market category is lighter (or smaller when folded). The leading edge design and advanced technology utilizes a lifetime of Aerospace Engineering knowledge combining the strongest, lightest materials, which also meet consumer level cost criteria. Though more expensive per kg, hi-end plastics such as carbon fiber filled engineered polymers equate to "less is more", when strategically integrated. Where weight is a critical criterion, a lean design / engineering approach and use of advanced polymers makes it very difficult to emulate the product without having to use the same approach i.e. low cost materials will not yield the same product. (NB - notwithstanding patents)

Target markets are professionals, the elderly and partially disabled seeking a significantly improved way of getting around, in a truly 21st century designer style incorporating technology advancements. Several spinoff applications include utility models with add-ons for around the yard, automated versions, off road, the coldest through hottest environments etc.

I'm seeking marketing professional(s) and engineering, design support for this world-wide product(s), initially targeted to the upper range of the market. I can bring in financing sources or invite your investment, Developer Partner, for this high margin, high volume product line.

The Brand has been created, the Design is advancing along to completion and functional first prototype, Market and Competition Assessment completed and Business Plan underway.

The Goal is to be the number one Brand and Profit Market Leader in this very large and growing (over 100% per year currently) World Market.