Brian Feinberg

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Brian's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Brian

Over 20 years, I have developed expertise in the areas of sales, marketing, sourcing, inventory management, business & product development and order fulfillment. I have an extensive entrepreneurial background (founded several companies) with experience in fundraising and a strong network of potential investors at my disposal. I am very creative, strategic and resourceful. My passion, dedication and drive to succeed are apparent to anyone who knows me.

I started several companies, dating back to my collegiate years at The University of Michigan. I recently sold my latest company, a collegiate licensed footwear brand called Reversus. I remain active in the angel community in Philly and have invested in several start-ups.

I am looking to jump on as a co-founder for an early stage venture. Ideally this new business would be early stage, have significant market potential and have a founder who's skill set compliments mine and who's personality meshes with mine.

Looking forward to evaluating some great opportunities.