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Buena Park, California, US

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In 2009 I started YourMusicLessons, an online marketplace that connects students to music teachers.

I started with very little knowledge about how to build a business. Out of necessity I developed the front and back end of YourMusicLessons from scratch. I've learned SEO, PPC, CRO, UI/UX design, content marketing, accounting, sales, and more. I feel the most confident in development.

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"If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done." - Bruce Lee

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August 2009 - Today

I've built YourMusicLessons from the ground up by myself. I have programmed everything from scratch on the front and back end. If we sat down for a couple hours together I could take you through everything I've done, but here is a quick summary. I've built out a completely custom CRM. The CRM tracks all incoming and outgoing phone calls/texts. The system is built to tell me the ideal time to follow up with potential leads and past students. I've built multiple iterations of ways to vet my music teachers, including scheduling an online interview, a full online application, recorded phone interviews, and video training. Most recently I've built a way for teachers to build out a profile simply, but with a quite a few options. Here is a good example of a current teacher's profile: I've built a complete lesson logging system. A lot of work went into making it detailed, so we have a detailed accounting of why lessons that were scheduled weren't given, or why students quit, so I can follow up with them about it later. I've built an entire payment system off of stripe that's not a simple as charging a card a recurring amount each month. The amount each month that is charged is dependent on how many lessons they had (kept track in the logging system). When lessons are logged as taught, payment automatically goes out to teachers as well through a different payment API. My current PPC landing page converts at more than 12%. I've managed a PPC campaign where I've spent over $50k. I've been through a state audit, and in the process learned quite a bit about accounting practices as well. I do all my own accounting, and I have automated almost all of my accounting through the quickbooks api. There has been a lot more that I have done, or have built, that I've learned didn't matter. I now have a solid understanding of the importance of simplicity. Through it all I've learned an incredible amount that would make me a fantastic co-founder for a new business. If you have an interesting idea, the right skill set, and the possibility of funding, I would be willing to work with your part-time.


ReQwest Inc.

November 2016 - April 2017


Acuity Scheduling

April 2017 - Today


Chapman University


2004 - 2011