Brian Maiorino

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Brian's Skills
Product Management

About Brian

I am creativity and relationship development to the core! I thrive off of working in teams and with other people, highly valuing constructive feedback and the chance to meet new people. My exposure to different industries ranges deep, but my professional experience has been focused around marketing, management, and business development. Playing a role in various industries has allowed me to build a large network of reliable friends and associates from many different business backgrounds - I find effective networking to be one of my greatest strengths, with my established relationships providing me quick access to "experts" in a variety of fields.

I've successfully built my own private entertainment & event planning company, managed a band gaining national attention (playing with Grammy-nominated artists), invested in and actively taken part in various real estate opportunities, immersed myself in the world of education (managing the branding & teaching business courses for a high school), become a passionate supporter of pediatric cancer advocacy efforts, spent many years studying the health & fitness industry... and just for the hell of it, lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I'm highly interested in joining someone who's looking to take their business to the next level - possibly in need of an enthusiastic, personable, well-spoken partner to help promote their product/service by forging strong relationships. Most importantly, I need to know I'm partnering with someone who understands exceptional communication and unwavering honesty is required to effectively work together, and a strong work ethic means doing whatever it takes to get the business off the ground or to the next stage. I'm all about work-life balance, but I'm more driven by the chance to beat the competition (and make great money)! I don't just want to work together, I want to win together... and win big!

I'm open to any questions you may have, so feel free to contact me if you'd like to have a discussion.