Brian Mitchell

Rockville, Maryland, US

Brian's Skills
Business Development

About Brian

I have an exciting entry into the mobile social gaming market all flushed out...eye-catching branding, business plan drafted, a talented graphic designer on-board, and a hefty budget. While I personally have some front-end programming experience, I'm looking for an expert iOS and/or Android programmer to work hands-on with me in developing this app. In terms of payment, I am very flexible - I would prefer to give away some equity in the company along with a per-stage-of-project completion fee.

As a Jefferson Scholar attending the University of Virginia, you can be assured that you will have a partner in me with an expansive financial and professional network at his disposal, the dedication to bring this project to fruition, and the intuition to make sound business decisions as we grow this app to its full potential (quite a large potential).

Please message me if you fit the billing and are interested. Thank you.